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Volunteering in africa

Responsibly & Fair


You’ve always wanted to travel to Africa. The continent fascinates you. But while you’re traveling, you also want to help people. You want to be meaningful, to do your part. You may think that people in Africa are poor and that children and animals need help. Or that there is a lot of war, famine and not enough water in Africa.

You would like to learn about new cultures and see the beautiful nature, maybe even go on safari. But you feel like you can’t just travel, you want to give something back while traveling through Africa. Volunteering in Africa is the solution.

But you may find it quite exciting. You may have heard that Africa is not safe. Also, there are many insects and snakes in Africa. And what will you do when you encounter a scorpion!?

You’ve heard somewhere that some projects are not quite ok. Also, you recently read something about orphanages and that it is wrong to work there. Of course, you don’t want to do any damage while you have good intentions!

Volunteering in Ghana, Africa
volunteering in Africa

You have so many questions about volunteering abroad, but where do you find the right answer?


You find yourself on Google a lot and you ask a lot of questions on volunteer forums and in Faceboof groups for travelers. You also look for people in your area who have done volunteer work in Africa. After all, you have so many questions!

  • How do you find the right project?
  • Which country should I go to? Africa is huge!
  • What about your visa?
  • What about vaccinations?
  • How do I stay healthy?
  • Ooh jeez, there’s malaria in Africa, right?
  • But you’re also thinking about what to take with you, and whether you should buy a backpack.

In your head you’ve also already started collecting clothes and other items for the local people. But now you have just read an article about the damage this can cause. That’s crazy, you bring stuff for someone else. How can that cause damage?

You are online a lot, but you find all kinds of contradictory information.

Someone tells in a Facebook group that she had such a great time at a wildlife refuge, she felt so useful at this sustainable organization where she even got to wash lion cubs. And this while you just read that no wildlife shelter that is sustainable allows contact with volunteers!?
Furthermore, every volunteer organization says that they do very good work and make a lot of impact, but where does this show? And why is it so expensive to volunteer abroad?




Do you know that there is a place where you can find everything about volunteering in Africa? Where you will get an honest answer to all your questions, where you will be helped with the preparation for your adventure. Both the mental and the practical preparation. A place that will ensure that you travel confidently, that you choose the right project that suits you.

We have developed a no-nonsense online training especially for people who want to do volunteer work or an internship in an African country. For people like you who really want to do something good, who like to get informed, who want to have fun and make an impact, but not at the expense of people or nature.


We are Dilo (Malawi) and Patricia (Ghana) and we have hugged lions and rescued poor people.
During our first trips to African countries, we knew nothing about white rescuers and lion farms. We absolutely did not realize that we were actually doing harm instead of good.

Over the years we have gained a lot of knowledge, but we also understand you as a volunteer very well.

We like to share our knowledge so that you will have a great time as a volunteer abroad. And in the process you will also have a positive impact.

The cost for the course is €29,00 and the result you can get from it is priceless!

In a few months, I will leave for Cameroon to do voluntary work. Thanks to this course, I have a much better and fair idea about my time in Africa.
A valuable and fun course you will not be regretting!

Boy Roeles

What does this online course look like?


The course consists of 17 10-30 minute lessons, 6 quizzes and some assignments. We don’t tell you what to do during the lessons. We offer new insights and knowledge, so you will do the right thing.

The cost for this online course is €29.00. But you also have to invest some time. You can go through the online training very quickly, but the course is most effective when you think and reflect carefully.


After this course you will be able to

  • Work with respect for people and animals
  • Have a positive impact as a volunteer in Africa
  • Enjoy new encounters to the full
  • Not be a white savior by accident
  • Help to change stereotypes
  • Give a platform to the people who deserve it
  • Find the right project in Africa to work with
  • Communicate about the project in the appropriate way
  • Enjoy your volunteering in Africa without harming the locals!


“What a valuable course! Dilo and Pat, with your combined knowledge and background, you are the perfect team for this!”


Our volunteering in Africa online course is not for everyone!


This training was developed for people who, despite the negative publicity concerning volunteering abroad, still want to work on a project in Africa. But you are aware that as a volunteer you are a link in the chain and you do not want to accidentally do more harm than good.
You want to learn, experience and have fun. But you also want the people you are going to work with to have fun with you and you really want to make a contribution!
So that both you and the people at the project in Africa can look back with pride on a wonderful and meaningful time.


Frequently asked questions

Can I complete the training at my own pace?

When you purchase the course, it will be available to you for 3 months in an online learning environment. We do recommend that you complete the training within three weeks, as the different subjects are very interrelated and it is easier when the material is still fresh in your mind.

Is this course suitable for volunteers on the whole African continent??

Most of the content of our course is applicable to many parts of the world. But our main focus is volunteering and internships in the Subsaharan region.

Will I receive personal coaching during this online course?

You are buying a complete course, in which we discuss all assignments and questions in the course. If you are interested in personal coaching or guidance, please send us an e-mail.

How can volunteering in Africa be responsible and fair?

When you go to Africa to volunteer with the intention to learn and experience and to be sincere about it. When you are not going there to improve the world, volunteering can certainly be sustainable and responsible. In addition, the project you go to has to be a responsible one. You will learn more about all these answers in the training.

Is this training also a practical preparation for travelling to Africa

No, this course prepares you for the social part of volunteer work or internship in an African country. Topics like bonding, social media, responsible projects with animals, and white saviors are covered. We are developing a course on practical preparation for a trip to the African continent!
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I am definitely interested in the course, but I have some questions.

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