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Volunteering in africa

Responsibly & Fair

the most complete training for everyone volunteering in Africa, who wants to make more impact and have more fun!

Online course for sustainable volunteering in Africa

Are you going to volunteer in an African country?

Do you want to get the most out of your experience?

Do you want to avoid doing harm?

Do you want to learn and enjoy your time in Africa?

Do the right thing today! Sign up and learn how to experience Africa in a responsible and fair way during your volunteering!

Volunteer in Africa

'More impact and joy while volunteering in Africa' online course

sWe are Dilo (Malawi) and Patricia (Ghana) and together with you, we are going to make sure that as a volunteer or student in Africa, you will have more impact and more fun. After completing this training, you will be aware of the many potential pitfalls that exist when you go volunteering.

It’s so important that you are aware of the damage a volunteer can do!
Don’t be that ignorant person, sign up today!

In a few months, I will leave for Cameroon to do voluntary work. Thanks to this course, I have a much better and fair idea about my time in Africa.
A valuable and fun course you will not be regretting!

Boy Roeles

Our volunteering in Africa online course is not for everyone!


This training was developed for people who, despite the negative publicity concerning volunteering abroad, still want to work on a project in Africa. But you are aware that as a volunteer you are a link in the chain and you do not want to accidentally do more harm than good.
You want to learn, experience and have fun. But you also want the people you are going to work with to have fun with you and you really want to make a contribution!
So that both you and the people at the project in Africa can look back with pride on a wonderful and meaningful time.


Your investment

The cost for this online course is €29.00. But you also have to invest some time. The course consists of 17 lessons of 10 to 30 minutes, 5 quizzes and a number of assignments.

After this course you will be able to

  • Work with respect for people and animals
  • Have a positive impact as a volunteer in Africa
  • Enjoy new encounters to the full
  • Not be a white savior by accident
  • Help to change stereotypes
  • Give a platform to the people who deserve it
  • Find the right project in Africa to work with
  • Communicate about the project in the appropriate way
  • Enjoy your volunteering in Africa without harming the locals!


“What a valuable course! Dilo and Pat, with your combined knowledge and background, you are the perfect team for this!”


Frequently asked questions

Can I complete the training at my own pace?

When you purchase the course, it will be available to you for 3 months in an online learning environment. We do recommend that you complete the training within three weeks, as the different subjects are very interrelated and it is easier when the material is still fresh in your mind.

Is this course suitable for volunteers on the whole African continent??

Most of the content of our course is applicable to many parts of the world. But our main focus is volunteering and internships in the Subsaharan region.

Will I receive personal coaching during this online course?

You are buying a complete course, in which we discuss all assignments and questions in the course. If you are interested in personal coaching or guidance, please send us an e-mail.

How can volunteering in Africa be responsible and fair?

When you go to Africa to volunteer with the intention to learn and experience and to be sincere about it. When you are not going there to improve the world, volunteering can certainly be sustainable and responsible. In addition, the project you go to has to be a responsible one. You will learn more about all these answers in the training.

Is this training also a practical preparation for travelling to Africa

No, this course prepares you for the social part of volunteer work or internship in an African country. Topics like bonding, social media, responsible projects with animals, and white saviors are covered. We are developing a course on practical preparation for a trip to the African continent!
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I am definitely interested in the course, but I have some questions.

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